viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

New Podcast on Consumer Reporting
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality announces a new TalkingQuality podcast: Use of “Roll-ups” to Report CAHPS Survey Results and Other Quality Measures. In this podcast, Marc Elliott and David Kanouse from RAND talk about ways to summarize performance within and across domains of quality and the pros and cons of these strategies.

Listen to this and other TalkingQuality podcasts on public reporting at
How Social Media Can Draw Visitors to a Quality Report (Audio): Barbara Lambiaso and Lauren Piccolo from Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) talk about how MHQP uses social media to promote awareness and use of comparative quality reports.
Rating the Raters: How the Informed Patient Institute Assesses Health Care Quality Reports (Audio): Carol Cronin from the Informed Patient Institute (IPI) talks about how the IPI assesses and grades comparative reports on health care quality.
Branding Your Quality Report (Audio): Lisa Mason from the Greater Detroit Area Health Council provides helpful advice on using branding to build awareness and create an identity for your quality report.
Tour the TalkingQuality Site (Video): This video podcast provides an overview of the TalkingQuality site and highlights features that are likely to be of interest to sponsors of public reports on health care quality.
Learn more about reporting CAHPS measures at

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