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MEPS Newsletter, May 2017

MEPS Newsletter, May 2017

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We are pleased to provide a couple of updates on the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey

  1. New data available - the Medical Organizations Survey
  2. New repository for user tools and info – Github
  3. Recent MEPS Publications
1. MEPS HC-175: 2015 Full Year Medical Organizations Survey File
The MEPS Medical Organizations Survey (MEPS MOS) is designed to provide nationally representative estimates of the characteristics of patients' usual sources of care (USC) and to support analyses of the association between practice characteristics and patients' experiences with care, including access to care, service use, quality of care, and expenditures for 2015. This is the first Federal survey that has the capability of directly linking practice characteristics with patients' experiences.   The MOS is being repeated this year.   Support for both years was provided in part by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Questions about the MOS?  Contact Karen Davis (

The first publically available estimates from the 2015 MEPS MOS are available in MEPS Statistical Brief 502, Characteristics of Practices Used as Usual Source of Care Providers during 2015—Results from the MEPS Medical Organizations Survey at the following link:

2. New Resource for Data Users

AHRQ is now on GitHub! Check out our new MEPS repository at for programming exercises, quick reference data guides, and presentation slides from the latest MEPS workshop.

Are there other materials you would like to see posted to GitHub? Let Emily Mitchell know (

3. Publications using MEPS data since January 1, 2017
      Publications by AHRQ Authors 
Abdus, S., & Hill, S. C. (2017, May 01). "Growing Insurance Coverage Did Not Reduce Access To Care For The Continuously Insured." Health Affairs, 36(5):791-798.
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Jacobs, Paul D., Hill, Steven C., & Abdus, Salam. (2017, Jan 01). "Adults Are More Likely To Become Eligible For Medicaid During Future Recessions If Their State Expanded Medicaid." Health Affairs, 36(1):32-39.
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Zewde, Naomi, & Berdahl, Terceira. (2017, Mar 22). "Children's Usual Source of Care: Insurance, Income, and Racial/Ethnic Disparities, 2004-2014." MEPS STATISTICAL BRIEF# 501. AHRQ. Rockville, MD.

Publications by other Authors
Aaron, Henry J., Blumberg, Linda J., Ginsburg, Paul B., & Zuckerman, Stephen. (2017). Building a Better “Cadillac”. Research Report. The Center for Health Policy at Brookings and The Urban Institute's Health Policy Center. 
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