lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2019

More people are getting cancer, but fewer are dying from it

Morning Rounds
Shraddha Chakradhar

More people are getting cancer, but fewer are dying from it

new study looked at cancer trends across 195 countries and found that there were nearly 25 million cancer cases in 2017, about 10 million of which resulted in deaths. Here’s more from the report: 
  • Overall trends: Between 2007-2017, incidence rates of cancer increased in 123 countries, while death rates from cancer decreased in 145 of the 195 countries in the study. 
  • By sex: The most common cancer type in men and women in 2017 was nonmelanoma skin cancer. The most cancer deaths among men were due to respiratory cancers, while breast cancer was the most fatal among women. 
  • By countries: Between 2007-2017, there was a 52% increase in cancer cases in countries that ranked in the middle when it came to income and other similar socioeconomic qualities — including India and Brazil. 

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