jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2023

AHRQ announces new AHRQ Emergency Department Prevention Quality Indicators (ED PQI) Beta v2023 Software

https://qualityindicators.ahrq.gov/software/qi ED PQI Beta v2023 software (SAS and Windows versions) is available for download from the AHRQ QI website at: https://qualityindicators.ahrq.gov/software/qi. The ED PQI are area-level measures providing insight into health system performance and population health by measuring the frequency of ED visits for conditions that could be managed outside the hospital by high-quality, community-based care. These indicators capture an important dimension of health care by including care that begins in the ED but does not necessarily result in an inpatient stay. The ED PQI measures intend to identify targets for public health services improvement, to help identify disparities or gaps in care, and to indicate the potential impact of interventions aimed at improved health system functioning. The ED PQI module includes five area-level Prevention Quality Emergency Department (PQE) Indicators: PQE 01 - ED Visits for Non-Traumatic Dental Conditions. PQE 02 - ED Visits for Chronic Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions. PQE 03 - ED Visits for Acute Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions. PQE 04 - ED Visits for Asthma. PQE 05 - ED Visits for Back Pain. For software details, please refer to: Release of AHRQ Emergency Department Prevention Quality Indicators Beta Software, v2023 (PDF, 251 KB). For more information, see Technical Specifications, Software Instructions, Empirical Methods, and frequently asked questions (FAQ), all available on the AHRQ QI website. Beta Software Feedback: AHRQ welcomes all feedback from users of the ED PQI Beta v2023 Software. AHRQ is also seeking beta testers to respond to specific questions about the ED PQI Beta v2023 Software beginning in November. Please contact QIsupport@ahrq.hhs.gov for more information or for technical assistance.

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