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Browse by Subject Results | AHRQ Innovations Exchange

Browse by Subject Results | AHRQ Innovations Exchange

Agency for Healthcare Research Quality

Advanced Practice NurseMental Health Provider Partnership Enhances Access and Improves Health Outcomes for Those With Severe Mental Illness 1/29/2014

Advanced practice nurses provide primary, preventive, and mental health care to individuals with severe mental illness, leading to improvements in health outcomes.
Community Health Navigators Use Pathways Model to Enhance Access to Health and Social Services for Low-Income, At-Risk Residents 1/29/2014

The Pathways to a Healthy Bernalillo County Program identifies vulnerable, underserved residents and connects them to needed health and social services.
Internet-Based Interactive Program Helps Time-Pressed, Geographically Constrained Military Personnel Control Weight 1/29/2014

An Internet-based support program featured ongoing monitoring of weight and weight-related behaviors, personalized feedback from counselors, interactive educational lessons, and motivational interviewing, allowing many time-constrained military personnel to avoid weight gain or lose a moderate amount of weight.
Skin Assessments Conducted as Part of Patient Intake Improve Documentation of Pressure Ulcers on Admission, Reduce Incidence During Stay 1/29/2014

Nurses perform a baseline skin assessment on every newly admitted patient, leading to improvements in the identification and documentation of pressure ulcers on admission and to lower incidence of pressure ulcers.
Policy State Health Department Support Spurs Development of Many Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs After Passage of Legislative Mandate1/29/2014

The California Department of Health provides education and support to hospitals throughout the state, allowing many to create programs to address appropriate use of antimicrobials in response to State legislation.
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Factors That Influence the Scale Up and Spread of Innovations1/29/2014
A National Campaign to Scale Up and Spread CUSP-CLABSI: Interviews with James B. Battles and Stephen Hines 1/15/2014
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Develops New Resources on Clinical-Community Relationships to Promote Research8/14/2013
A Researcher’s Perspective on Clinical-Community Relationships: A Conversation With Jodi Summers Holtrop, PhD, MCHES, Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Colorado Denver 7/31/2013
How To Think About Evidence When Deciding Whether To Adopt an Innovation6/19/2013
Trends in Health Information Exchanges: A Conversation With J. Marc Overhage, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Siemens Healthcare, Health Services6/5/2013
The State of Accountable Care Organizations: A Conversation With Health Policy and Management Expert Stephen M. Shortell, PhD, MPH, MBA5/8/2013
Public- and Private-Sector Initiatives Are Reducing Health Disparities Among Children: A Conversation With Kathryn Santoro, MA, Director of Policy and Development for the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation 4/24/2013
Antimicrobial Resistance Still Poses a Public Health Threat: A Conversation With Edward J. Septimus, MD, FIDSA, FACP, FSHEA, Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine at Texas A&M Health Science Center 4/17/2013
Chronic Disease Management Can Reduce Readmissions: A Conversation With Jack Meyer, PhD, Managing Principal, Health Management Associates 4/17/2013
Spreading Innovations To Enhance Care for Older Adults: An Interview With Amy Berman of the John A. Hartford Foundation4/17/2013
Do Innovations Provide a Return on Investment? 9/12/2012
Identifying Problems to Address Through Adoption of Innovations 5/9/2012
Quality Improvement in Pediatric Care10/9/2013
Accountable Care Organizations 5/8/2013
Health Care Policy Innovations 6/6/2012
Capturing and Spreading Change to Advance Health Care Quality
Improving Innovations: How to Make Data Work for You

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