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Greenwood has a plan for the new Congress

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Damian Garde

Greenwood has a plan for the new Congress

Looks as though Congress, freshly stocked with a spate of new Democrats, is already itching to tackle drug prices. But BIO CEO Jim Greenwood has no intention of shifting gears — even though polls show that most Americans distrust the drug industry. Instead, he will continue to unapologetically sing its praises. 
“It’s very good politics to beat up drug companies,” Greenwood told STAT’s Nicholas Florko. “But patients don’t benefit from rhetoric against drug companies, patients benefit when you start protecting their pocket.”
Rather than slashing prices, Greenwood thinks Congress should focus on fixing the Medicare Part D program — capping patients’ out-of-pocket expenses, for instance. Such wonky fixes don’t have the wow factor to win over voters, but Greenwood thinks he can persuade Congress all the same. 

The new Congress is already threatening to push forward on drug pricing, but BIO CEO Jim Greenwood isn’t changing tack

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