sábado, 25 de mayo de 2024

Medicaid Unwinding Deals Blow to Tenuous System of Care for Native Americans By Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez MAY 20, 2024

https://kffhealthnews.org/news/article/medicaid-unwinding-endangers-native-american-health-care/?utm_campaign=KHN%20-%20Weekly%20Edition&utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8KDdIoy-0zAzsLZsKL7JMY8c-VD8cVNUPaKu6UsYBVT8cG82-j6Kvmg8Wxeq60MeQ4ZLF8l8_Qaw3bKuPihm0riQ_MfA&_hsmi=308623498&utm_content=308623498&utm_source=hs_email By Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez Although Native American and Alaska Native adults are enrolled in Medicaid at higher rates than their white counterparts, many tribal leaders feel they’ve been left in the dark as states roll through the tumultuous Medicaid unwinding that started last year.

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