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CDC Lab Training|Help and Information

CDC Lab Training|Help and Information

Help and Information

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Becoming a member is easy.  Just watch the videos below or follow the steps outlined in the printable job aids.  Once you are a member you will be able to view course offerings from us as well as receive email notifications when new courses are posted. 

Upon setting CDC Lab Training as a course provider, you will also become a member of CDC TRAIN.  CDC TRAIN. (https://cdc.train.orgExternal Web Site Icon) is a free resource where individuals across public health and health care can identify educational activities to support their professional development. As one of nearly 30 affiliate portals within TRAIN National, CDC TRAIN provides learners with access to the nation’s premier public health learning management system (LMS). Through CDC TRAIN, learners have the ability to search and register for thousands of courses available online or onsite, and track participation through individual learning transcripts. By registering as a learner on CDC TRAIN, you have access to all CDC public health training products and resources, as well as those made publicly available from each TRAIN affiliate portal.  

If you’ve forgotten your password on CDC TRAIN, go to http://cdc.train.orgExternal Web Site Icon, enter your login name, and select the Forgot Password Link, located immediately below. You will be prompted to answer your secret question response, then your password will be displayed. Please refer to the HELP tab in CDC TRAIN for more information. 

If you need technical assistance for CDC TRAIN, you first need to login to TRAIN, and then contact information can be found by selecting the HELP tab in TRAIN. Also, you can email the CDC TRAIN team at or your own TRAIN Administrator, if you are part of a different TRAIN portal. If you have a problem with a particular course, please contact the course contact person listed in the Course Details page on CDC TRAIN under the Contacts tab

Should you encounter any additional problems registering for the CDC Laboratory Training Learning Group on TRAIN please contact us by email at or give us a call at (404) 968-6022. We will be happy to assist you.

Already have an account on TRAIN?
Already have an account on TRAIN?1:30 - Click on the image above to play a short video that walks you through the process of adding CDC Lab Training as a course provider.
How do register on TRAIN?
How do you register on TRAIN?3:30 - Click on the image above to play a short video that walks you through the process.

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