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CDC - VTrckS Newsletter Update - October/November 2013 – Vaccines

CDC - VTrckS Newsletter Update - October/November 2013 – Vaccines

VTrckS Connection Newsletter

October/November 2013

VTrckS newsletter

VTrckS Update

From the NCIRD Management Official, 
Anjella Johnson-Hooker

It has certainly been an eventful and challenging fall season for all of us—awardees and CDC staff alike. We really appreciate the work that you all have done to learn about and implement the changes that have taken place on both the VFC and VTrckS fronts. You are invaluable partners to making VTrckS the most effective, efficient solution for all the system’s stakeholders. We seek to be open and responsive to awardee feedback through various mechanisms, including the annual VTrckS Awardee Survey and the launch of the new VTrckS User Group, as well as more informal interactions.
I’d like to briefly mention a few current initiatives we’ve undertaken in response to awardee feedback. As detailed in the article on page 2 of this issue, we have continued to push forward on development of the returns and wastage ExIS interfaces for VTrckS, which we know are urgent priorities for many awardee offices. Also, in response to feedback received in the 2013 VTrckS Awardee Survey, we have begun working to streamline the security access process for SAMS and VTrckS. Stay tuned for more updates to come on these and other improvement efforts, and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and happy start to 2014!

Helpful Resource Links

VTrckS Training Library, featuring upcoming training schedules, past presentations, updated quick reference guides, and materials/minutes from VTrckS User Group calls
Vaccine Order Management Contact Center info:
Phone: 1-877-878-6247
Fax: 1-866-958-6247
Hours: 8 AM – 8 PM ET, M–F
ExIS Discussion on Epi-X Forum: send an email to request access, or for an invitation to theBi‑Monthly ExIS Call (held on the fourth Tuesday of every other month at 3 pm ET)
VTrckS public website, featuring overviews, fact sheets, and links to past newsletters

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