jueves, 16 de enero de 2014

Requests for ONC-Approved Accreditor Status

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Requests for ONC-Approved Accreditor Status

ONC has published a notice in the Federal Register announcing the 30-day period for the submission of requests for ONC-Approved Accreditor (ONC-AA) status.

The current term for the ONC-AA is set to expire in June 2014. ONC is now accepting requests for ONC-AA status through February 18 , 2014 for the 3-year term that would follow the term of the current ONC-AA. There is no required "application form" for submitting requests for ONC-AA status, but those accreditation organizations requesting ONC-AA status are expected to comply with the requirements of 45 CFR 170.503(b). ONC will accept requests by e-mail and regular or express mail. For further instructions on submitting a request for ONC-AA status, please review the notice published in theFederal Register. You may also visit ONC's website at http://www.healthit.gov/certification.

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