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Vaccines: VACMAN/main page

Vaccines: VACMAN/main page

Vaccine Management System (VACMAN)
VACMAN is a tool for customizing, recording, transmitting, and managing vaccine data.


  • VACMAN 4.x
    VACMAN 4.x is the vaccine ordering software application used by grantees that have transitioned to centralized vaccine distribution.
Note: Version 4.x refers to any VACMAN version starting with 4. (for example, 4.0, 4.1.2, 4.1.3,, 4.13,, etc.)
  • VACMAN User’s Guide
    The Updated user guide covers all software versions starting with “4.” Now in PDF form. Due to its size (409 pages at 11 MB), the PDF is available from CDC’s FTP site. Send an email request to VACMAN Help Desk and you’ll receive instructions on downloading the file.
VACMAN is a Database Management System (DBMS) used by state, city, and territorial government Immunization Programs called Projects. Only projects designated by CDC are eligible to use VACMAN. VACMAN is used to order, and optionally to track and record information relating to publicly funded (Vaccines For Children program (VFC), 317 Grant (G317), and state/other) vaccines.

VACMAN Training Session

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