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Nutrition, Nutrigenomics & Public Health

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CDC nutrition efforts cover a wide spectrum of related topics. Good nutrition is vital to good health, disease prevention, and essential for healthy growth and development of children and adolescents
Nutrigenomics: Definitions and advances of this new science.External Web Site Icon 
N. M. R. Sales et al. J Nutr Metab. March 25, 2014
Personalized nutrition: how far has nutrigenomics progressed?External Web Site Icon 
J Hesketh European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2013) 67, 430–435
US clamps down on fake nutrigenomics products,External Web Site Icon by Dr Philippa Brice, PHG Foundation, May 20
Search the HuGE Navigator for available published human genome epidemiologic studies on diet-gene interactions. Type the name of the nutrient under Literature FinderExternal Web Site Icon

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