martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

Observing 2014 National Nurses Week

Observing 2014 National Nurses Week

Nurses are awesome. Tell us why by tweeting @HRSAgov or commenting on HRSA's Facebood page during Nurses Week, May 6-12.

Dept. of Health & Human Services

A Statement by Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

It is only fitting that the theme for this year’s National Nurses Week is “Nurses: Leading the Way.” After all, nurses lead the way in showing an elderly patient how to manage his or her diabetes. They lead the way in making sure their patients – children and adults – get the vaccinations they need. They lead the way in helping our young moms learn how to care for their infants. And they lead the way in conducting research to promote high-quality life for those with chronic illnesses, and to help all of us stay healthy across the lifespan.

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