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TWH™ in Action! - May 2014

TWH™ in Action! - May 2014

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May 2014 | Volume 3 - Number 2

Managers’ Buzz

A hallmark of high-impact future directions for promoting worker safety and health and well-being will be the 1stInternational Symposium to Advance Total Worker Health™, where NIOSH and partners will announce the latest research, programs, practices, and policy on integrating health protection with health promotion. Stakeholders will have the unique opportunity to comment in-person on a draft National Occupational Research Agenda for Total Worker Health. Stay tuned as details on speakers, pre- and post-conference workshops, and registration will be released soon through a TWH in Action! News Flash and on the conference website,

Promising Practices for TOTAL WORKER HEALTH™

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) already had a robust culture of safety in 1978 when the company developed a vision to also have the healthiest workforce in the world. Over 30 years later, J&J continues to protect and promote the health of its 128,000 workers in 60 countries. Through leadership commitment, integration of safety and health into their strategic framework, and extending workplace injury prevention to the home, J&J has achieved demonstrable impacts on the health and safety of its workforce.

Updates from the NIOSH Office for Total Worker HealthTM Coordination and Research Support

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is holding a workshop on the topic of “Total Worker Health: Promising and Best Practices in the Integration of Occupational Safety and Health Protection and Health Promotion in the Workplace” on Thursday, May 22, 2014 in Washington, DC. This workshop covered: best or promising practices associated with the design, implementation, and evaluation of an integrated approach to worker health; barriers to implementing these programs; and measures being used or considered to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs. To learn more, visit

Updates from NIOSH Centers of Excellence to Promote a Healthier Workforce

On July 16–18, 2014, the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (ORhwc) will host the Occupational Health Psychology Summer Institute in Portland, Oregon. This year’s theme is Advancing Theory and Practice in the Context of Total Worker Health and features leading regional, national, and international researchers and practitioners occupational health psychology, total worker health and safety research and practice.

New Initiatives and Resources

Featuring the latest research, strategies and solutions for protecting and promoting the health of workers across their lifespans, NIOSH recently released the topic page, Healthy Aging at Work. As one of the first NIOSH topic pages to co-align with the existing Total Worker Health gateway page, it offers an integrated focus on chronic disease issues related to aging and includes simple strategies and workplace solutions for an age-friendly workplace. The Healthy Aging at Work topic page can be found at

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