viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

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TODAY: See the Health IT Playbook in ActionHealth IT Playbook demo
We’re holding a public webinar today at 2p.m. ET to demo the brand new Health IT Playbook. The playbook is a dynamic, web-based tool for providers and practices that features an evolving collection of user-friendly tools, resources, and guides to help providers get the most out of their health IT. Register for today’s webinar.
Blog Post: The Nation’s Progress in Digitizing Health Care
The Health Affairs Blog features a new post by National Coordinator for Health IT, Dr. Vindell Washington, and former National Coordinator, Dr. Karen DeSalvo. The post discusses the progress the nation has made since the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was signed into law in 2009. Further, it highlights how the transformation from paper to electronic health information is foundational to an era of health where information is seamlessly and security available where and when it is needed most. Read the blog post.
Hospital Adoption of Patient Engagement Functiongraphic showing VDTalities Increases Nationwide
Earlier this month, ONC released the data brief, Electronic Capabilities for Patient Engagement among U.S. Non-Federal Acute Care Hospitals: 2012-2015, which highlights the significant increase of patient engagement functionalities since 2012. Since 2013, there has been a nearly 7-fold increase in the percent of hospitals that provide patients the ability to electronically view, download, and transmit their health information. In 2015, 69% of all US non-federal acute care hospitals provided patients these capabilities, a statistically significant increase. Providing patients with the ability to engage with their health care provider electronically can lead to better communication, care, and outcomes for patients as well as lower costs. Read more on the ONC Buzz Blog.
New FAQ on HIPAA and Access to Health Information
The Office for Civil Rights has released a new FAQ addressing whether a business associate of a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) covered entity may block or terminate access by the covered entity to the protected health information maintained by the business associate for or on behalf of the covered entity. This clarifies that business associates may not use such information in a manner or to accomplish a purpose or a result that would violate the HIPAA Rules. Read the new FAQ.
National Health IT Week In Review

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