viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

World Sepsis Day 2016 - Your Event

Dear World Sepsis Day Supporters and Friends, 

World Sepsis Day 2016 was an outstanding event around the globe - thanks to your ongoing commitment. 

In order to summarize all activities and create an overview poster, we need your input. 
In case you, your organization or your hospital/department did any activities, please send the following information to the WSD Head Office ( by October 15th. 
  • Place of your event/activity
  • Organizer
  • Title of the event/activity
  • Type of event/activity (e.g. lecture, conference, public hearing, political and/or governmental engagement, public event, press relations, educational efforts)
  • One high-quality (1 MB) picture
  • Did you publish a press release about your WSD activities in your country? If you did, on how many websites, in how many newspapers, radio or TV news did it appear?
  • Place: Jena, Germany
  • Organizer: Jena University Hospital
  • Title: Film workshop for school classes “How can I produce a short film about sepsis?”
  • Type of event: public event
  • Photo
Please send us your information by October 15, 2016.
Many thanks for your support! 

Kind regards,

Konrad Reinhart & World Sepsis Day Team 

P.S.: If you have heard of an event or attended one that you did not organize yourself, please forward this email accordingly.

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