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The CF Foundation has $500 million to bridge a medical gap

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Damian Garde

The CF Foundation has $500 million to bridge a medical gap

Last week’s FDA approval for Vertex Pharmaceuticals means that roughly 90% of Americans with cystic fibrosis have an available treatment. Finding therapies for the remaining 10% is going to take some ingenuity, and one of the most lavishly funded nonprofits is taking it on.

As STAT’s Andrew Joseph reports, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has promised $500 million to fund research and development of treatments that expand the pool of patients getting a benefit. The organization, which made more than $3 billion by selling its royalty rights to Vertex’s drugs, will dole out the money over six years, earmarking the majority of funds for clinical-stage ideas.

That will mean supporting efforts to treat those who don’t benefit from Vertex’s treatments but also investing in potential cures that rely on gene therapy, genome editing, and other newfangled technologies.

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