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CDC Epilepsy Program releases new funding annoucement and other resources!

Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention

CDC Epilepsy Program releases new funding annoucement and other resources!

CDC Epilepsy Program Updates 

December 14, 2015
CDC’s Epilepsy Program announces new resources, including a funding opportunity 
announcement (FOA), tips for creating healthy schools for students with epilepsy, 
and mobile health apps featuring information on epilepsy.


New Funding Opportunity Announcement!

CDC has released a new, non-research FOA to fund programs, services, 
and activities that improve health and quality of life for people with epilepsy.
Applications are due April 7, 2016.
Group of children sitting on steps

Creating Healthy Schools for Students with Epilepsy

CDC’s Epilepsy Program has partnered with the CDC’s Healthy 
Schools Program to add Epilepsy to the Healthy Schools/Management 
of Chronic Conditions website. Here, school staff and parents can learn 
more about epilepsy in school-aged children, seizure first aid, and 
training opportunities.
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Mobile Health Apps Feature Epilepsy Information

CDC has created two mobile health apps that provide information on important 
health topics, including epilepsy.
The CDC Mobile App for tablets features health articles, public health blogs, videos 
from the CDC Director, a Disease of the Week, and access to other important and 
timely health information. Epilepsy was recently featured as the “Disease of the Week.”
Health IQ is a fun and educational trivia app that tests your public health knowledge. 
Can you answer the epilepsy questions correctly?

In Case You Missed It: Learn About the Many Types of Seizures!

Did you know that there are more than 30 different types of seizures? Some may 
have symptoms that surprise you! Learn more in CDC’s recent feature on seizure types.

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