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Getting Ready for ACA Faith Weekend of Action December 11-13

Getting Ready for ACA Faith Weekend of Action December 11-13

HHS Partnership Center w/ Text Transparent

Upcoming Weekend of Action for Faith and Community Groups

This upcoming weekend, December 11 through 13, the Faith Weekend of Action.The Partnership Center encourages faith and community groups to help spread the word about health insurance in their communities. Looking for ways you can participate? Join a webinar on Wednesday at 1:00 PM to learn more about how you and your community can get involved.  You can also visit our website and review materials, including the newly updated Faith Weekend of Action toolkit.  We look forward to hearing stories from people whose lives are impacted by joining the millions of others who have peace of mind to look forward to in the new year as a result of getting health care coverage.  

Get Ready for the December ACA Weekend of Action

The HHS Partnership Center, CMS and Enroll America invite you to hear how you can get involved during the December 11-13 Weekend of Action.  Help your congregation and community know about their health insurance options in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Learn more about the tools available specifically for this Faith Weekend of Action, key messages to share, and how to connect with other local partners.
Join our webinar and conference call on Wednesday, December 9 at 1:00 pm EST
(Noon CST, 11:00 am MST, 10:00 am PST)
We look forward to having you join us and many others for the December 11 – 13 Faith Weekend of Action
To view our webinars and resources on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), go

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