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Share and Interact | Health Literacy | CDC

Share and Interact | Health Literacy | CDC

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Gearing Up for Health Literacy Month:
Meet Archie Willard!

Imagine learning to read for the first time at the age of 54. Now meet Archie Willard, an adult learner and health literacy advocate! Listen to another classic Health Literacy Out Loud podcast as Archie Willard talks with Helen Osborne about what it is like to be a struggling reader in healthcare settings.

Get this free resource and more information by visiting the “Share & Interact” section of the CDC Health Literacy website.

Health Literacy Blog

The web site includes a blog to generate and continue discussions that will help all of us. The blog is one way to share ideas about what you would like to see CDC and other public health agencies do to improve health literacy.

Tell Others About Health Literacy

Suggestions and resources to help you communicate key points about health literacy to colleagues, staff, leadership and the community.

Share Your Materials With Others

CDC welcomes your contributions to this web site. If you have materials you would like considered for posting on this web site, please email them to us. Please refer to the selection policy[44 KB, 2 pages] for this site before sending your materials.

Health Literacy Month Observance

Meet the Doaks! Cecelia and Leonard Doak talk with Helen Osborne about the past, present, and future of health literacy.
Health Literacy Month Handbook: The Event Planning Guide for Health Literacy Advocates. This handbook will help you create, plan, run, and evaluate Health Literacy Month events.

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