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ACL Guidance for Outreach and Providing Services for Holocaust Survivors

January  12, 2017

ACL Guidance for Outreach and Providing Services for Holocaust Survivors

The Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended through P.L. 114-144 in 2016, included a provision requiring the Assistant Secretary for Aging to issue guidanceto the  Aging Services Network on serving Holocaust survivors.  The provision identified that guidance should be issued on promising practices to conduct outreach and service provision to the Holocaust population.  ACL created this guidance as a vehicle by which the Aging Services Network can build stronger connections to organizations and stakeholders providing care to Holocaust survivors, to enhance service capacity and quality.  The guidance examines the unique needs and challenges of serving Holocaust survivors, with a particular focus on mental and physical health, nutrition, transportation, caregiver support, outreach, legal and ombudsman services, with a foundation in person-centered, trauma-informed approaches.

There are approximately 100,000 – 130,000 Holocaust survivors living in the United States today.  The youngest survivors are about 71 years old while most are much older, very frail, and have significant support needs.  The guide also includes links and information about key resources available to support more effective outreach and service to Holocaust survivors and for building capacity to provide services in a person-centered trauma-informed manner.  Click here to access ACL’s guidance for outreach and providing services for Holocaust survivors.

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