sábado, 21 de enero de 2017

Act Against AIDS Campaigns: New on the HIV Web

Act Against AIDS

Maps Based on Data from 2015 HIV Surveillance Report 
The purpose of these slides is to provide updated information on the national surveillance of HIV infection by state and US dependent territories. Data is depicted using the US map.
HIV Prevention in the United States: New Opportunities, New Expectations
This brochure summarizes the state of the HIV epidemic in the United States, as well as CDC’s current HIV prevention priorities, gaps in HIV prevention, and how the agency is helping accelerate new progress against HIV.
Diagnoses of HIV Infection in the United States and Dependent Areas, 2015  
This annual HIV Surveillance Report provides an overview on the current epidemiology of HIV disease in the United States and dependent areas. See the Basic Statistics webpage and the Statistics Center for many updated resources based on the latest data.

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