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Cifor: Outbreaks of Undetermined Etiology (OUE) Guidelines


Outbreaks of Undetermined Etiology (OUE) Guidelines

The CIFOR Outbreaks of Undetermined Etiology (OUE) Guidelines include recommendations on "universal" collection, shipment, testing and retention of foodborne outbreak specimens, even in the early stages of an investigation. Based on syndromes and specific outbreak profiles, the guidelines are designed to provide adequate specimens for second-tier testing and pathogen discovery should an etiology prove elusive. 

The OUE Guidelines cover both infectious and non-infectious agents. A companion OUE Agent List provides detailed information on each agent including incubation period, primary signs and symptoms, primary specimen(s) and key epidemiological information. 
In collaboration with the CIFOR OUE Guidelines Work Group, the Oregon Department of Health developed an application-based, interactive version of the OUE Guidelines.  
Who should use it: The OUE Guidelines are primarily intended for state health departments making recommendations on specimen collection and conducting testing for foodborne outbreaks.
The guidelines may also be appropriate for some local health departments. 
View and download the OUE Guidelines.
Accessing the CIFOR OUE Guidelines for iOS app, PC, or MacIn collaboration with the Oregon Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence, the CIFOR OUE Guidelines can be accessed as a FileMaker Go iOS application or a runtime Windows version for PC.
iPad usersThis file is designed for an iPad running the FileMaker Go app. Download the free app.
With FileMaker Go installed, if you're viewing this site on your iPad, this link will open the file directly in FileMaker Go: CIFOR OUE Specimen Collection
Windows PC users 
View the CIFOR OUE Guidelines tool on your Windows PC (requires at least Windows 7). Download and unzip the file. You should see a "CIFOR OUE folder" -- inside that folder, double-click the "CIFOR OUE Startup" shortcut.
For more information contact info@cifor.us

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