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European Society of Human Genetics - ESHG

European Society of Human Genetics - ESHG

European Human Genetics Conference 2010 - June 12 - 15 - Gothenburg, Sweden
Invitation to Gothenburg
June 12-15, 2010 - Gothenburg, Sweden
ESHG Scientific Programme
New "Educational Track" throughout the Meeting
ESHG Abstract Submission
ESHG Young Investigator Awards
ESHG Conference Fellowships
Technical Exhibition and Satellite Symposia
European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics 2010
More Information
Satellite Meetings

Dear colleagues,
The next ESHG meeting (held in conjunction with the European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics) takes place in Gothenburg, located at the west-coast of Sweden. On behalf of all four Nordic Human Genetics Societies, who will be jointly hosting this meeting, I would like to invite you to this excellent conference and beautiful city which will render a taste of Scandinavia.
The city is the second largest in Sweden with 800.000 inhabitants and it has a key position because of its harbour, industrial capacity and universities. You will reach the centre of Gothenburg in 20 minutes from the airport.
The meeting will be filled with exciting and updated scientific sessions, educational lectures and distinguished speakers making the trip worth-going.
Some of you may also want to participate in the entertaining and memorable social activities.
I look forward to seeing you in Gothenburg 2010!
Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a happy new year,
Niklas Dahl
Local host ESHG 2010
Chair of the Swedish Society of Human Genetics

ESHG Scientific Programme
Dear Colleagues,
The Scientific Programme Committee has again endeavoured to set up an exciting programme at the cutting-edge of current human genetics research.
The programme includes Plenary Sessions, Concurrent Symposia, Concurrent Sessions from submitted abstracts, Workshops, Educational Sessions (now scheduled throughout the meeting) and Poster Sessions with ample viewing time.
Plenary Lectures include
P1 Opening Plenary Session (L. Aaltonen, E. Willerslev, P. Njolstad, M. Uhlén)
P2 What's New? (from submitted abstracts)
P3 Human Language - Lessons from FOXP2 (S. Fisher, W. Enard, W. T. Fitch)
P4 Mendel Lecture (Mary-Claire King)
P5 ESHG Award Lecture

Concurrent Symposia include
S01. Mosaicism OR Somatic Genome Variation (J. Vermeesch, J.P. Dumanski, J.R. Lupski)
S02. Ethics Related to New Genetic Technologies (Joint Session with EMPAG) (T. Caulfield, E. Wright Clayton, G. Jennings)
S03. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Potential Therapies (F. Soldner, A. Raya, A.D. Ebert)
S04. Complex Disease (O. Visscher, J. Todd, S. Chanock)
S05. The Mobile Centromere (A. Choo, L .Burrack, M. Rocchi)
S06. Long Distance Regulation (S. Lyonnet, J.L. Gomez-Skarmeta, S. Mundlos)
S07. Transgeneration Effects and Epigenetic Programming (M. Szyf, A. Sharp, I.J. Latorre)
S08. Psychiatric Genomics (M . Owen, H. Hakonarsson, J. Flint)
S09. Prenatal Diagnosis (S. Unger, R. Achiron, I.B. Van den Veyver)
S10. Patient’s Associations and Patients’ Involvement in Genetic Research (Joint Session with EMPAG ) (V. Rabeharisoa, H. Statham, J. Austin)
S11. RNA Molecules: Nature, Expression and Sense (E. Izaurralde, J. S. Mattick, L. Steinmetz)
S12. Systems Genetics (R. Xavier)
S13. Beyond the BRCA Genes (A. Antoniou)
S14. Next Generation Sequencing (R. Durbin, T. Hudson, D. Nickerson)
S15. Molecular Processes in Neurodegenerative Diseases (S.L. Lindquist, E. Nollen, M. Jucker)

Details on the programme can be found at

With best regards,
Han Brunner
Brunhilde Wirth
Co-Chairs of the ESHG Scientific Programme Committe

New "Educational Track" throughout the Meeting
We are pleased to announce the new concurrent “Educational Track” throughout the meeting.
Three sessions are scheduled during the usual slot on Saturday, early afternoon. Another 5 Educational Sessions are now taking place on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Educational Sessions include:
ES1. Genetic Diagnosis of Infertility
ES2. Genome Databases
ES3. Communication in Clinical Genetics
ES4. Alport Syndrome and Cystic Kidney Disease
ES5. Retinitis Pigmentosa and Inherited Deafness
ES6. The Face Behind the Syndrome
ES7. Overgrowth and Undergrowth Syndromes
ES8. Cystic Fibrosis and Immotile Cilia

Further details on educational sessions can be found at

ESHG Abstract Submission
The Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) invites abstracts to be considered for inclusion in the programme as posters or spoken presentations in 18 Concurrent Sessions.
Abstracts can be submitted only online via the website
Deadline for submission: Friday, February 19, 2010, 24.00 hrs CET

ESHG Young Investigator Awards
The ESHG awards prizes of EUR 300.- for outstanding research by young scientists presented as a spoken contribution at the conference. All young scientists submitting spoken presentations are encouraged to apply. The nominee must be first author (i.e. presenting author) on an abstract submitted for spoken presentation and should not be more than six years post-doctoral. Authors wishing to be considered for this award should complete the appropriate box during abstract submission.
Closing date: February 19, 2010

ESHG Conference Fellowships
A number of conference fellowships will be awarded by the Scientific Programme Committee for applicants from Central and Eastern Europe. Authors wishing to be considered for a fellowship should complete the appropriate box during abstract submission. The nominee must be first author (i.e. presenting author) of an abstract submitted for either oral or poster presentation, and should be not more than six years postdoctoral.
Closing date: February 19, 2010

Online Registration is open. For the first time, a dedicated fee for post-docs is available.
Special rates apply for ESHG members (Join/Renew your membership:
Please note that higher fees apply for on-site registrations.
Registration forms can be found at
Deadline for registration at early fee: March 31, 2010

Technical Exhibition and Satellite Symposia
The European Human Genetics Conference 2010 will host a large industry exhibition, where the latest technologies will be shown. In addition, there will be a number of company satellites during the conference, always of great interest to the participants.
For further information see the list of exhibitors as to date, as well as the company satellites information.

European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics 2010
The Annual Meeting of the ESHG will again be held in conjunction with the
European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics 2010.
Some sessions are shared (as indicated in the programme). In addition, EMPAG delegates are welcome to attend any of the symposia, concurrent sessions or workshops of the ESHG programme, and ESHG delegates are welcome to attend any of the EMPAG concurrent sessions, space permitting.
The programme includes plenary sessions from submitted abstracts, workshops, joint symposia with ESHG as well as poster sessions.

EMPAG Scientific Programme Committee
Tara Clancy, Co-Chair, Manchester, United Kingdom
Claire Julian-Reynier, Co-Chair, Marseille, France
Nina Hallowell, Edimburg, United Kingdom
Jose Carlos Rocha, Porto, Portugal
Aad Tibben, Leiden, The Netherlands
Elisabeth Winnberg, Huddinge, Sweden
Abstract submission, Registration and Hotel Booking are open on the website

More Information
All available information can be found on the regularly updated websites
European Human Genetics Conference 2010:
European Meeting on Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics 2010:

Satellite Meetings
A number of satellite meetings is scheduled before and after the ESHG meeting. A list can be found here.

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