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[Rib] CYTED COURSE: Biostatist​ics

Dear all,
       due to continued interest, the Scientific Computing Service will repeat the Biostatistics course in early November. This time the course will take place in the mornings (09:30-13:30), in room B, from November the 2nd to November the 4th, 2011.
       This is an open international course funded by CYTED, hence inscription cost is waived (i.e. it is zero, there are no inscription costs). You can follow the course remotely if you want, we will provide readings, presentations, instructions for the practical sessions and a forum for you to post questions.

       Inscription deadline: October 10th, 2011.
       If you are interested in attending this course, please, do
send an e-mail
       to: jrvalverde@cnb.csic.es
with    subject: BIOSTAT 2011
       Your name
       Your laboratory/institution
       Your interest in the course
       Will you come in person or follow the course remotely?
       Will you bring your own laptop?
       Since we have a limited number of seats, we will have to make
a decision on who gets accepted for in-person participation. You will
be notified if you application has been accepted one-two days after
the inscription deadline.

Hosting Lab: Scientific Computing Service, CNB/CSIC
Lecturer: José R. Valverde, PhD MD. Head of Scientific Computing Service.
Scope: International course
Date and place: November, 2-4, 2011.
               CNB/CSIC. Seminar room B.
               C/Darwin, 3. Campus U. Autonoma
               Madrid 28049. Spain
Language: English
Requirements: Basic knowledge of Statistics and its experimental applications.
Cost: 0€ (funded by CYTED)
Students: 10-20 local students can be accepted. Remote attendance is possible too.
An international course on Biostatistics, that will cover the following topics:
       - Descriptive Statistics
       - Hypothesis testing
       - Statistical Inference
       - Non-parametric data analysis
       - Correlation and regression
       - Sample size estimation and experiment planning
       - Longitudinal data
The course will make use of free and open source software and involve practical sessions so that students may be able to get up to speed and carry back with them the knowledge and tools mastered. Costs of the
course will be covered by CYTED through the Iberoamerican Network of Free Software in the Life and Health Sciences (FreeBIT).
               Scientific Computing Service
       Solving all your computer needs for Scientific

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