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[Rib] CYTED COURSE: Molecular Phylogeny

Dear all,
       the Scientific Computing Service is pleased to announce a new CYTED-funded international course to be celebrated at CNB. The course will be web-hosted at FreeBIT education server, and be available for
remote participation, including discussion forums and other support tools.
       Molecular Phylogenetics course
       Topic:          Molecular Phylogenetics
       Location:       Room B, CNB/CSIC
                       C/Darwin, 3. Campus U. Autonoma
                       Madrid, 28049. Spain
       Dates:          12 - 16 December, 2011
       Hours:          09:30 - 13:30
       Seats:          Up to 20 participants can be accepted
       Beyond its obvious application in evolutionary studies, molecular phylogeny can be applied to more immediate problems like organism classification, tracing epidemies, understanding drug-resistance mechanisms or studies in biodiversity
       The course will be eminently practical, and will cover the basic phylogenetics tools used in Molecular Biology. This is mainly a practical course, so we will not get deep into the underlying math, but will concentrate on practical aspects covering choice and use of main phylogenetic methods:
       - Character alignment and distance calculation
       - Distance Phylogeny
       - Parsimony
       - Maximum Likelihood
       We are considering inclusion of two additional topics if time permits and there is enough interest:
       - Bayesian Phylogeny
       - Phylogenomics
       Participation in the course is free, but due to limited space availability, we are forced to apply a selection. In order to ensure fairness, prospective students should send their application prior to the deadline. Acceptance letters will sent at most one-two days after the deadline (exceptionally, for special cases of foreign students, we may consider a pre-selection procedure).
       Inscription deadline:   October 31st, 2011
       If you are interested, please send an e-mail to me at the address <jrvalverde@cnb.csic.es> with
       Subject: 2011-CNB-PHY and providing in the body of the message the following information:
       PhD Advisor (if applicable):
       Academic background:
       Interest in the course:
       Will bring own laptop (Y/N):
       Are you interested in Bayesian Phylogeny (Y/N)?:
       Are you interested in Phylogenomics (Y/N)?

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