viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

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News from NIAID-Supported Institutions

Here’s your periodic update on News from NIAID-Supported Institutions. The following links will take you to the institution’s press release:
Man’s Best Friend: Common Canine Virus May Lead to New Vaccines for Deadly Human Diseases
November 27, 2012—University of Georgia
Measles Vaccine Administered with a Microneedle Patch Could Enhance International Immunization Programs 
November 27, 2012—Georgia Institute of Technology
Scripps Research Institute Study Points to Potential New Therapies for Cancer and Other Diseases 
November 27, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute
GW Professor to Examine Infections in HIV Patients with Federal Grant 
November 26, 2012—George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences
‘Repurposed’ Anti-Parasite Drug Shows Promise as New TB Treatment: UBC Research 
November 22, 2012—University of British Columbia
Scripps Research Institute Scientists Describe Elusive Replication Machinery of Flu Viruses 
November 22, 2012—Scripps Research Institute
Texas Biomed Files Patent for a Novel HIV Vaccine Strategy 
November 19, 2012—Texas Biomedical Research Institute
$19.4 Million Contract Establishes Malaria Research Consortium 
November 19, 2012—Emory University
SSGCID and CSGID Pioneer Discovery of New Pathogen Protein Structures 
November 19, 2012—Seattle BioMed
Hepatitis C Treatment's Side Effects Can Now Be Studied in the Lab 
November 16, 2012—Penn State
Location, Location, Location: Membrane 'Residence' Gives Proteases Novel Abilities 
November 16, 2012—Johns Hopkins Medicine
How Insects Domesticate Bacteria
November 15, 2012—University of Utah
News from NIAID-Supported Institutions

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