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Anne's I'm Covered Story: Insuring Against the What-Ifs | HHS Blog

Anne's I'm Covered Story: Insuring Against the What-Ifs | HHS Blog

Dept. of Health & Human Services

 By: Anne Ha, 27, Philadelphia, PA
HHS Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell hugs Anne Ha during an event in Philadelphia, PA.

I used to work as an overnight television producer in Allentown, but returned home to Philadelphia after a few years because I felt the odd hours were messing up my internal clock and health – to say nothing of a social life.

While I regrouped, I ran a nail salon in Philly. What I didn’t do was get health insurance. I’m young and I’ve always been healthy. I thought going to the gym and eating well would be enough. Why have health insurance for the couple of times a year that I see the doctor, only to be told “It’s nothing.”

But my mother urged me to get covered. She kept playing the what-if game. What if you have a car accident? What if you catch something?

After the New Year, I started feeling a bit funny. To put my mother’s mind at ease, I went ahead and checked out my options in the Health Insurance Marketplace. I enrolled in coverage that was affordable for me: With Marketplace assistance, my plan costs $85 a month with no deductible.

I was fortunate that I did.
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