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Call for applications: community-based public health/healthcare integration projects

Call for applications: community-based public health/healthcare integration projects

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The Bold, Upstream, Integrated, Local, Data-Driven (BUILD) Health Challenge is a national award program designed to support community collaborations that are working to give everyone a fair chance to be healthy. BUILD Health will award up $7.5 million in grants, low-interest loans, and program-related investments over two years to strengthen partnerships among hospitals, nonprofits, local health departments, and other community organizations to improve the health of low-income neighborhoods within cities with populations greater than 150,000.
Awards will support up to 14 community-driven efforts addressing health-shaping factors that individuals can’t control (e.g., neighborhood safety, nearby grocery stores with healthful food). In addition to funding, the selected communities will gain access to a comprehensive package of technical assistance and support services to guide them in their planning and implementation efforts.
The BUILD Health Challenge invites collaborative proposals that will identify, highlight, and advance new models for improving community health and health equity. Q&A web conferences are available for potential applicants on December 2, 4, and 9, 2014. Round 1 applications are due January 16, 2015. For more information, visit the BUILD Health Challenge website.
Funding partners are the Advisory Board Company, de Beaumont Foundation, Kresge Foundation, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Practical Playbook will support BUILD Health through technical assistance coordination and provision.

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