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Exciting AHRQ QI Toolkit Updates

Exciting AHRQ QI Toolkit Updates

AHRQ Updates QI Toolkit to Improve Inpatient Quality and Safety

AHRQ has released an update of the AHRQ Quality Indicators Toolkit, which guides hospitals through the process of using the AHRQ Inpatient Quality Indicators (IQIs) and Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs) to improve the quality and safety of care. The QI Toolkit covers each step in the improvement process in order to support hospitals in setting priorities, establishing plans to improve performance on the QIs, implementing improvement strategies, and sustaining improvements they have achieved.

This update brings the research-based tools in line with recent changes to the IQIs and PSIs as well as the software that supports their use. In addition, the updated QI Toolkit offers six new best practices forms for the PSIs and IQIs (See Tool D.4, Toolkit Roadmap).

The updates affect the following tools:
•          Tool A.1a. Fact Sheet on Inpatient Quality Indicators (IQI)   
•          Tool A.1b. Fact Sheet on Patient Safety Indicators (PSI)
•          Tool B.2a. IQI and PSI Rates Generated by the AHRQ SAS Programs
•          Tool B.2b. IQI and PSI Rates Generated by the AHRQ Windows QI Software
•          Tool B.3a. Excel® Worksheets for Charts on Data, Trends, and Rates To Populate the PowerPoint® Presentation
•          Tool B.3b. PowerPoint® Presentation: The AHRQ Quality Indicators, Results, and Discussion of Data Analysis
•          Tool B.4. Documentation and Coding for Patient Safety Indicators
•          Tool C.1. Prioritization Matrix
•          Tool C.2. Prioritization Matrix Example
•          Tool D.3. Examples of Effective PSI Improvement Strategies
•          Tool D.4. Selected Best Practices and Suggestions for Improvements

For general information about the QI Toolkit, click here.
To download individual sections of the QI Toolkit from the Toolkit Roadmap, click here.

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