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MMWR Vol. 63 / No. SS-10 ► Assisted Reproductive Technology Surveillance — United States, 2011

MMWR Vol. 63 / No. SS-10

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MMWR Surveillance Summaries
Vol. 63, No. SS-10
November 21, 2014
PDFAssisted Reproductive Technology Surveillance — United States, 2011 
Saswati Sunderam, PhD, Dmitry M. Kissin, MD, Sara B. Crawford, PhD, et al.
MMWR 2014;63(No. SS-10)

Since the first U.S. infant conceived with Assisted Reproductive Technology
(ART) was born in 1981, both the use of advanced technologies to overcome
infertility and the number of fertility clinics providing ART services have
increased steadily in the United States. ART includes fertility treatments in
which both eggs and embryos are handled in the laboratory (i.e., in vitro
fertilization [IVF] and related procedures). This report provides state-specific
information on U.S. ART procedures performed in 2011 and compares infant
outcomes that occurred in 2011 (resulting from procedures performed in 2010
and 2011) with outcomes for all infants born in the United States in 2011.

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