Springer Nature, the leading global research, educational and professional publisher is teaming up with Publons in a 12-month pilot to revive peer review and speed up science.

Peer review matters. Expert peer review improves the work of others and protects the world from harmful science that can set back advances in human understanding by decades. Springer Nature, like Publons, are committed to speeding up science through superior peer review.

“Springer Nature is synonymous with premier publishing and breakthrough research. So it's a great day for peer review when an industry powerhouse shows their commitment to giving expert peer reviewers the recognition they deserve and improving the quality of peer review generally.”

- Andrew Preston, CEO and Co-Founder, Publons.

By partnering with Publons, Springer Nature are making it simple for the expert who review for them to easily prove how much they do.

As of September 2016, reviewers for participating journals will get the option to have a verified record of each review they do added to their Publons profile. By default, only the name of the journal and the year of the review will be displayed, although some journal policies may allow reviewers to display more detailed information if they want to.

Creating a Publons profile is free, easy and allows you to:
  • effortlessly build a verified record of your review activity across the world’s journals
  • compare your reviewing habits with others around the world
  • weigh in on the world’s research with post-publication reviews and discussions
  • highlight your reviewing expertise and availability to top journal editors

Find out more about the Publons-Springer Nature pilot at: https://publons.com/in/springernature/ and follow @SpringerNature on Twitter.
About Publons
Over 70,000 experts already use Publons to showcase their hard work reviewing over 400,000 manuscripts across the world’s journals. Publons works with the world’s top publishers, including Springer Nature, Wiley and The Royal Society to make it effortless for experts to track their peer review work.

In a six-month pilot project Publons observed improvements in review invitation acceptance rates for the pilot journals and faster review times among reviewers that opted in - effectively speeding up the process for evaluating and communicating research.

Sign up for a free Publons account today and follow @Publons on twitter.