jueves, 5 de enero de 2017

NHSC Ambassadors are Available!

NHSC Ambassadors are Available!

national health service corps

Thank you for your interest in the National Health Service Corps (NHSC)! As you continue to learn more about the NHSC, we would like to share an additional resource for you; NHSC Ambassadors. Nearly 800 NHSC Ambassadors throughout the United States and our territories are standing by to assist you as you create an impact in underserved communities. The NHSC Ambassador Directory provides our prospective members a platform to search NHSC Ambassadors in their state and nationally.
Search based on location, clinical specialty, alumni status, and willingness to give presentations.
Should you have any questions using the NHSC Ambassador Directory, feel free to email NHSCAmbassador@hrsa.gov
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National Health Service Corps Site: Presbyterian Medical Services, New Mexico

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