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Published Date: 2017-04-27 23:26:25
Subject: PRO/EDR> Diphtheria - New Zealand: (OT)
Archive Number: 20170427.4999847
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Date: Thu 27 Apr 2017
Source: Otago Daily Times [edited]

During the last few days 4 more cases of diphtheria have occurred at Stirling, making a total of 8 since the outbreak was discovered. One of the sufferers, a little lad [boy] named [D], has succumbed to the malady, but none of the other cases is considered to be of a particularly serious nature.

In order that the patients might be more effectively isolated, and at the same time receive proper nursing treatment, Dr Brugh made representation to the Public Health Department through the Dunedin Hospital Board for the use of the Kaitangata Hospital in which to place the diphtheria patients.

The department, recognizing the urgency of the request, immediately gave notice that the Kaitangata Hospital was to be utilized for the purpose requested, and 3 of the patients were at once dispatched to the hospital. The other 4 cases (which have occurred in 2 families) have been isolated at Stirling.

Though only 8 cases have as yet been diagnosed as suffering from diphtheria, it is considered that this does not represent by a considerable margin the actual number who is affected by the malady. This, if true, is a very serious matter, and where the presence of this dread complaint is suspected such should be immediately notified to the proper authorities, so that immediate steps might be taken to isolate the sufferers, and thereby help to prevent the spread of the malady.

The source of the outbreak is not definitely known, but it is considered that its introduction is due to a carrier. Some little time ago 2 or 3 families in the district were affected by a severe form of sore throat, and it is thought that probably one of those sufferers was a carrier.

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[Stirling is a settlement located in southeast Otago, a region of New Zealand with a population of 219 000 residents in the south of the South Island (

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