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Published Date: 2018-01-18 20:14:38
Subject: PRO/PL> Undiagnosed diseases, tomato & okra - Ghana: (UE)
Archive Number: 20180118.5569152
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Date: Mon 15 Jan 2018
Source: StarrFM [edited]

A strange disease has made it impossible to cultivate tomatoes. According to farmers, [it] started attacking in 2015 and though they have reported to the Department of agriculture in the Builsa north district [Upper East Region], they have not had any response.

Any time the tomatoes begin to fruit, they dry off. The development has affected the incomes of the farmers [and] availability of tomatoes. Aside the tomatoes, Okra plants are also suffering from a similar strange disease causing them to shrink.

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[A number of tomato diseases have been reported from the region, and many of them can also affect potatoes and other solanaceous crops. Drying out of tomato plants can be due to a number of fungal and bacterial wilt and root rot pathogens. Root rots lead to water stress on the plants which would be enhanced during fruit ripening and could lead to symptoms similar to what is reported above.

Several fungal diseases, as well as some viruses, bacteria and nematodes have been reported to affect okra (_Abelmoschus_ species, Malvaceae). However, with the limited information provided above it is not possible to determine the cause of the problem.

Similar symptoms may be due to different pathogens or other factors, so the problems on the 2 crops may be due to the same or different causes. Effective control measures will need to be based on reliable diagnosis of the pathogen(s) involved. In the absence of a conclusive diagnosis, disease management may include phytosanitary measures, clean planting material (seed and explants) and crop rotation.

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