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TeamSTEPPS LMS: Log in to the site

TeamSTEPPS LMS: Log in to the site

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Free Continuing Education Credits Available for TeamSTEPPS® Course on Office-Based Care

Register now for AHRQ’s free TeamSTEPPS® for Office-Based Care Online course, which focuses on enhancing communication and teamwork skills among office-based professionals to improve patient safety and quality. Participants may begin pre-course work now and will earn free continuing education credits for each activity completed. Master Trainer certificates will be awarded for completing all course requirements. TeamSTEPPS for Office-Based Care offers tools and strategies to help health care professionals enhance team knowledge and performance in a medical office setting. It is intended for individuals who play a key role in leading and assisting office-based practices with quality improvement and practice transformation efforts. Watch the video to learn more or email questions to obc-questions@tslms.org.

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