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Patient Charting and Documentation in an Electronic Health Record for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

Patient Charting and Documentation in an Electronic Health Record for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
Health Resources and Services Administration
Health Information Technology and Quality Webinar
Friday, November 16, 2 pm EST
This webinar focuses on how nurses and allied health professionals use electronic health records (EHR) for patient charting documentation. These individuals are usually the first clinicians that patients encounter to assess their healthcare needs and concerns. This assessment often includes documenting patient data into an electronic health record and chart to provide the patient’s care team with accurate information to help identify treatment options. As health centers, critical access hospitals, and rural health clinics increasingly become meaningful users of health information technology, it is critical to train, support, and fully integrate nurses into system and clinical transformations. Webinar presenters include two nurses who will share their experiences from a health center and primary care perspective, as well as from that of a rural provider viewpoint.

Presenters include:
  • Pamela Ferrari, RN, Director
    Performance Improvement and Clinical Knowledge Support
    Open Door Family Medical Center Inc. Ossining, NY
  • Frances Johnson, RN, Clinic Manager
    Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association, Steamboat Springs, CO
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In order to better serve individuals, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) will be making several changes to the format of its monthly health IT and quality webinars.
  • HRSA's Health IT & Quality Webinars will be completely internet enabled. In order to better accommodate participants, beginning in November 2012, viewers will be able to listen to the webinars through their computer speakers. This new approach will allow viewers to keep their phone lines available for patient services. Special dial in numbers and passcodes will be made available to users with limited access to broadband or internet — simply send an email to HRSA's health IT mailbox at specifically requesting a dial in number and code.
  • HRSA's Webinars are now available on your smartphone. At the request of our viewers, HRSA will begin using new software to enable participants to access the webinars through their Android and Apple mobile devices. For Android users, the webinars can be viewed through Adobe Flash. For Apple users, please download the free ReadyTalk app at:  
Please visit HRSA's health IT and quality webinar website at for more information or email

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