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Publications | AJMC ► Patient safety-focused medication therapy management: challenges affecting future implementation.

Am J Manag Care. 2012 Jul 1;18(7):e238-44.

Patient safety-focused medication therapy management: challenges affecting future implementation.


Department of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 27710, USA. rowena.dolor@duke.edu



Lessons learned from the implementation of a pharmacist-delivered medication therapy management (MTM) intervention in primary care (PC) can inform future MTM studies and be adopted into real-world clinical settings. We sought to describe the variations and challenges of patient recruitment, enrollment, MTM pharmacist visits, and telephone follow-up in a 3-arm randomized trial of MTM interventions conducted at 3 health centers.


Using a post-study structured interview, we interviewed study personnel, clinical pharmacists, and investigators about 5 study domains: recruitment, enrollment visits, MTM pharmacist visits, telephone follow-up, and data collection.


All centers screened clinic schedules and conducted queries of administrative databases to identify eligible participants. Patients were recruited either during existing primary care visits or by mailing letters with telephone follow-up. Patients with many medical problems, with transportation difficulties, or who were unaccompanied by a family member were less likely to enroll. MTM visits scheduled separately from other clinic appointments had higher cancellation or no-show rates. Provider response to pharmacist recommendations was low overall but better when the provider was acquainted with the pharmacist who was making contact.


Off-site implementation of MTM services results in lower participation by patients and providers. Future MTM studies should consider integrating MTM services within the clinic during existing appointments by a pharmacist familiar to the primary care provider.

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