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Carlos’ #GetCovered Story

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Carlos’ #GetCovered Story: Getting My Own Health Insurance For the First Time

By: Carlos Mesa, 24, Silver Spring, Maryland
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As a 24-year-old man, I’m pleased to say I have a close relationship with my mother. My father passed away when I was 3, so I’ve been living with my mom ever since. I help around the house and yard while being a part-time student, swim instructor and life guard.
While I’m still in school, it’s helpful to be able to live at home until I graduate and get a full-time job, but I also want to step up and take care of myself.  For me, that means getting my own health insurance.
My mom works full-time as a housekeeper and I was able to be covered through her health plan. When we took time to look at our plans, we wondered if it would be a better idea for me to get my own health insurance.
I got some help navigating HealthCare.gov and found a health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace that fits my needs. And even better, I learned that I qualified for financial assistance, which reduced the cost of my monthly premium to 0 dollars!  My insurance covers dental and vision and I pay copays for doctor visits and prescriptions.
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