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CDC - January 2016 Edition - Public Health Law News - Public Health Law

CDC - January 2016 Edition - Public Health Law News - Public Health Law

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Health Professional Scope of Practice. Scope of practice laws allow qualified health professionals to perform medical activities on patients. The Policy Surveillance Program at the Temple University Center for Health Law, Policy and Practice (CHLPP) published legal mapping datasets of scope of practice laws across all 50 states and the District of Columbia for the following four data sets: physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, and pharmacist. Patients and practitioners can use these resources for scope of practice clarification, and policy makers can use them to explore scope of practice laws across jurisdictions.
These datasets were created through a collaboration between CDC’s Public Health Law Program (PHLP) and CHLPP who partnered to provide technical expertise for the project. CHLPP is a subcontractor for ChangeLab Solutions who is funded under CDC Cooperative Agreement U38OT000141 through the Public Health Partnership Cooperative Agreement OT13-1302. The goal of the Policy Surveillance Program at CHLPP is to increase the use of policy surveillance and legal mapping as tools to improve the nation’s health.

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