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Funding News | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Funding News | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


January 25, 2018 NIAID Funding News

Feature Articles 

A Refresher on Subawards

Learn your requirements and responsibilities if you want to use a subaward to augment your own expertise and improve the efficiency of your research.

Opportunities and Resources

Another Opportunity for Small Businesses To Participate in I-Corps

The Innovation Corps is an eight-week, hands-on program that provides funding, mentoring, and networking opportunities to help active Phase I small business awardees commercialize promising biomedical technology.

In The News

Revised Clinical Trial Case Studies and Updated FAQs

To help researchers determine whether their proposed study is a clinical trial (CT), NIH revised its existing case studies and posted a few new ones to clarify how the CT definition does or doesn’t apply to certain types of studies.

Small Business Applicants: Watch Webinars on Omnibus Reissues

NIH reissued the omnibus solicitations for small business grant applications. Sign up now to watch a pair of webinars that will review the changes that prompted the reissuance and how those differences may impact you.

Next Generation Researchers Initiative Held for Further Research and Discussion

NIH’s Next Generation Researchers Initiative working group will craft interim recommendations to be presented at the June 2018 Advisory Committee to the Director (ACD) meeting with final recommendations intended for the December 2018 ACD meeting.

An Update to the NIH Diversity Statement

The notice clarifies that underrepresentation may vary from setting to setting. The updated diversity statement is effective as of its release date, but it does not override diversity language in existing funding opportunity announcements.

Maintain Integrity in Peer Review, Know the Consequences for Breaches

Whether you are a peer reviewer, Advisory Council member, principal investigator, or someone named in a grant application or contract proposal, you must maintain integrity in the NIH peer review process.

    Advice Corner

    We Thank Our Peer Review and Committee Volunteers

    NIAID and our research community offer our gratitude to those who have served as peer reviewers or on advisory committees.

    Reader Questions

    New Funding Opportunities

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