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TeamSTEPPS Long-Term Care Version ► AHRQ Releases New Team Training Tool to Improve the Safety of Care for Nursing Home Residents

TeamSTEPPS Long-Term Care Version

AHRQ Releases New Team Training Tool to Improve the Safety of Care for Nursing Home Residents

TeamSTEPPS® for Long-Term Care, developed by AHRQ and the Department of Defense, is designed to train health care personnel in team and communication skills to reduce patient safety risks and hazards in nursing homes.  It includes materials to demonstrate how to use communication tools in quality improvement projects.  The tool is available in DVD format and includes PowerPoint presentations, teaching modules, exercises, and video vignettes that can be used to train staff.  Copies of the DVD are available by sending an e-mail to AHRQPubs@ahrq.hhs.gov.  Select to access the tool.

TeamSTEPPS® Long-Term Care Version

The Long-Term Care version of TeamSTEPPS adapts the core concepts of the TeamSTEPPS program to reflect the environment of nursing homes and other other long-term care settings such as assisted living and continuing care retirement communities. The examples, discussions, and exercises below are tailored to the long-term care environment.


The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) have developed TeamSTEPPS, a teamwork system that offers a powerful solution to improving collaboration and communication within health care facilities. Teamwork has been found to be one of the key initiatives within patient safety that can transform the culture within health care. Patient safety experts agree that communication and other teamwork skills are essential for the provision of quality health care and for the prevention and mitigation of medical errors and of patient injury and harm. This version of TeamSTEPPS has been adapted to address isssues specific to nursing homes.
TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based program aimed at optimizing performance among teams of health care professionals, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to whatever situations arise. This curriculum was developed by a panel of experts, incorporating over 25 years of scientific research that has been conducted on teams and team performance.
The TeamSTEPPS Instructor Guide is designed to help you develop and deploy a customized plan to train your staff in teamwork skills and lead a teamwork improvement initiative in your nursing home from initial concept development through to sustainment of positive changes. Comprehensive curricula and instructional guides include short case studies and videos illustrating teamwork opportunities and successes. Supporting materials include a pocket guide (the Essentials Course), DVD, and evaluation tools. Instructor and Trainer workshop materials focus on change management, coaching, and implementation.

Instructor Guide

The Instructor Guide consists of two main components:

Introductory Material

Additional Materials


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Team Structure

Module 3: Leadership

Module 4: Situation Monitoring

Module 5: Mutual Support

Module 6: Communication

Module 7: Summary—Putting it All Together

Module 8: Change Management

Module 9: Coaching Workshop

Module 10: Implementation Workshop

Module 11: Practice Teaching Session

Supplemental Module

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