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AHRQ Patient Safety Network: Conflict of interest, Dr Charles Denham and the Journal of Patient Safety.

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Review of articles by Charles Denham, former Journal of Patient Safety editor, finds nine with undisclosed conflicts of interest.J Patient Saf. 2014;10:181-185.

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Conflict of interest, Dr Charles Denham and the Journal of Patient Safety.
Wu AW, Kavanagh KT, Pronovost PJ, Bates DW. J Patient Saf. 2014;10:181-185.
In light of an unreported conflict of interest that might have affected recommendations for chlorhexidine use to reduce risk of central line–associated infections, this review examines articles written or coauthored by Dr. Charles Denham to determine whether undeclared conflicts of interest could have influenced conclusions, selections, and recommendations in published research. The authors emphasize the need to identify and address conflicts of interest and outline strategies to reduce risk of undisclosed conflicts which may in turn affect validity of published evidence.
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