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Ali’s #GetCovered Story: Getting Insured May Have Saved My Life

Dept. of Health & Human Services
Dec 09, 2014
By: Ali Kurnaz, 23, Orland, Florida

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I am so grateful I signed up for insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Young and always on the move, I might have lost my life, or at the very least faced crushing medical debt, if I hadn’t gotten coverage when I did.
I come from a close-knit family: My father and step-mom run a small restaurant, my sister attends university nearby, and I work as the Central Florida regional director for a nonprofit that works with underrepresented communities. We couldn’t afford health insurance even though we knew we were an illness or accident away from losing everything we worked for.
When the Marketplace opened last year, I signed all of us up for coverage. It was important for our peace of mind and financial security.
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