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David’s #GetCovered Story: Take a Lunch Break and Get Insured

Dept. of Health & Human Services
Dec 12, 2014
By: David Moyer, 32, Westwood, New Jersey
I work in education and my wife is a writer, and we are both passionate about our work. Unfortunately, neither of us have health care through our employers. I used to have insurance costing $200 a month, but it covered very little. It was almost like not having insurance.
As newlyweds in Texas, Nicole and I were excited when the Health Insurance Marketplace opened so that we could get affordable health insurance with good benefits. This past summer, we moved to New Jersey and discovered just how easy it was to switch our coverage through the Marketplace by taking advantage of a special enrollment period because of our move.
I have been consistently impressed with how easy it’s been to navigate the Marketplace. It’s something you can do on your lunch break. There’s no excuse to not have insurance when it’s this easy and the benefits are so good.
When Open Enrollment for 2015 coverage began in November, I went back to the Marketplace and examined our options. I could have saved between $75 and $100 per month with a new plan, but I decided to stick with our current insurance because it had more benefits and it fit our needs and budget better. Our deductible is low, and our copay is only $25 for primary doctor visits and $15 for medications. I take three medications every month, which by themselves would cost more than $400 a month without insurance. Under our Marketplace plan, they cost us $45.  These prices are fair and affordable for us.  Together, our premium is $300 a month thanks to tax credits and it buys me complete peace of mind knowing that we’re taking care of our health.
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