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Observatorio de Bioética, UCVBIOETHICS NEWS Archivos - Página 4 de 7 - Observatorio de Bioética, UCV

Observatorio de Bioética, UCVBIOETHICS NEWS Archivos - Página 4 de 7 - Observatorio de Bioética, UCV

Observatorio de Bioética, UCV

Madrid hosted a European Congress on Transexuality

The city of Madrid hosted the Second European Congress on Transexuality, which offered a forum on many of the medical

International study on gender-based violence

Three out of every ten women have experienced some form of violence. Nearly one out of every ten women has

Human iPS cells, hope to a serious medical problem

 Human iPS cells, hope to a serious medical problem
The use of human iPS cells in the treatment of stroke in mice offers hope in the treatment of this

USA bans patents on natural human genes

 USA bans patents on natural human genes
On 13 June the Supreme Court of the United States published their decision to ban patents on natural human genes,

How many surrogate mothers were in USA in 2008?

In keeping with the information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2008, in the United States,

Concerning the ethics of circumcision

Another hotly-debated issue is that concerning the ethics of circumcision of boys when they are unable to give their informed

Abortion restriction in USA

 Abortion restriction in USA
The United States House of Representatives has approved a bill which would restrict access to abortion across the country past

Assisted suicide in Swiss

Dignitas, A Swiss association which promotes assisted suicide, has accepted the first case of suicide for a 83 year-old British

Allowing only healthy embryos to live

In one of the latest issues of Fertility and Sterility (99; 1203-1204, 2013), new technological advances in preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Assisted Suicide

 Assisted Suicide
A common debate in the field of end-of-life medicine is that dealing with the ethics of assisted suicide. This debate

Embryonic stem cells in regenerative medicine

A major issue associated to the use of embryonic stem cells in regenerative medicine is their tendency to induce tumour

Over-the-Counter Oral Contraceptives

 Over-the-Counter Oral Contraceptives
PRACTICAL MEDICAL ETHICS Since the development of the first synthetic progesterone in 1951 and the commercial introduction of the oral

Reduction of HIV infection in heterosexual couples

In the April issue of JAMA (158; 615-619, 2013), 10 of the most significant medical studies taking place in 2012

New test for preimplantation genetic screening threat abnormal foetus

Bio tech company Natera, located in San Carlos, California, announced on 1 March the launch of a test for preimplantation

Embryonic stem cell lines has increased rapidly

In the last five years the number of embryonic stem cell lines has increased rapidly. In December 2012 there were

How long leftover human embryos?

An off-posed question is how long leftover human embryos resulting from in vitro fertilisation processes can be cryopreserved for use

This news will no doubt create new hope in the therapeutic use of iPS cells in humans

The therapeutic possibilities offered by iPS cells seem self-evident and are set to increase thanks to the Japanese government’s commitment

15.5% of women suffer from infertility in the United States

An off-debated issue concerning assisted reproduction is the correct identification of infertile couples. A couple is thought to be infertile

Cryopreservated Embryos is continuously increasing

 Cryopreservated Embryos is continuously increasing
Numerous medical and ethical issues arise regarding the subject of freezing of embryos leftover after a cycle of in vitro

Male contraceptive

The discovery of a gene that could play an important role in sperm development may be useful for producing a

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