jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Every Story is Personal: Share Your #GetCovered Story

Dept. of Health & Human Services
Feb 26, 2015
By: Nicholas Garlow, HHS (Public Affairs)
Every story is personal. To each individual or family, having health coverage means something different. But, all of these stories have certain things in common - that the Affordable Care Act is touching the lives of everyday Americans, working and delivering on affordable, accessible, and quality health care.
The story of this Open Enrollment was written by millions of Americans who came to the Marketplace and got covered for 2015. For families and individuals alike, the Marketplace offered a new peace of mind and security with quality, affordable health coverage.
Americans from across the country have shared their personal #GetCovered stories with us, telling us how the Affordable Care Act and the Marketplace has impacted their lives for the better.
How is health care impacting your life? If you have joined the millions of Americans who have gotten health coverage through the Marketplace, we want to hear your story!
Share Your #GetCovered Story
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