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CDC - January 2017 Edition - Public Health Law News - Public Health Law

CDC - January 2017 Edition - Public Health Law News - Public Health Law

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Marijuana Legalization in Indian Country: Selected Resources. A list of resources collected and published by CDC’s Public Health Law Program that describe and comment on the legalization of marijuana in Indian Country. 

State Laws Requiring Hand Sanitation Stations at Animal Contact Exhibits. This article summarizes the results of a 50-state legal assessment that collected and analyzed state statutes and regulations requiring hand sanitation stations at animal contact exhibits, such as petting zoos and agricultural fairs.

Advancing the Right to Health: The Vital Role of Law. This report, published by the World Health Organization, discusses the role that the reform of public health laws can play to advance the right to health and create conditions for people to live healthy lives. The report provides guidance about issues and requirements to be addressed during the process of developing public health laws. It also includes case studies and examples of legislation from various countries to illustrate effective law reform practices and some features of successful public health legislation.

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