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Imagining a future with compulsory euthanasia | MercatorNet

Imagining a future with compulsory euthanasia

Imagining a future with compulsory euthanasia

Imagining a future with compulsory euthanasia

Let's stop global warming by cutting down on the number of old people
Michael Cook | Feb 8 2017 | comment 30 

Is this a great documentary? No. Is it an amazing feat by a high school student? Yes. This is a terrific warning from New Zealand about the possibility of legalised euthanasia. Will it happen in a Western democracy? Probably not. But why not in impoverished regions of China where elderly people have no one to care for them?
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The French, with their talent for tact, dampen controversy over abortion by disguising it with an acronym, IVG, Interruption Volontaire de Grossesse, voluntary interruption of pregnancy. It takes the sting out of the raw reality.
The government has taken this eye-averting circumlocution a step, or many steps, further by banning pro-life websites. It is now a crime punishable by two years in the slammer “to spread misleading information about abortion”. Translated, this means offering a different point of view on the internet.
In 1789, Article 11 of France’s famous Declaration of the Rights of Man, a foundational document of human rights, declared boldly: “The free communication of thoughts and of opinions is one of the most precious rights of man”. But no longer, it seems. Speech is free so long as it agrees with government policy.

Michael Cook 



I disapprove of what you say – and will make darned sure you can’t say it

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More nonsense from the panel that will design Victoria’s death law

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Americans need to see Africa with different eyes, says an award-winning novelist

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Five lessons Trump could learn from Lincoln

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‘The Great Wall’ fails to bring down the barriers in lacklustre Chinese-US epic

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The largest film ever shot entirely in China and the most expensive in the country’s history is a bit muddled.

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Norma McCorvey’s death highlights Jane Roe’s conversion to life

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She founded ‘Roe No More’ two decades ago to expose abortion lies.

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Motherhood: the ideal vs reality

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The chaos of children makes for a good life anyway.

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Cities: life in the slow lane?

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Pre-Reformation church music: plainchant, polyphony and popular songs

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A passionate debate about liturgical music raged at the beginning of the 16th century.

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Imagining a future with compulsory euthanasia

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