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New DoD electronic medical record system called a success |

New DoD electronic medical record system called a success |

New DoD electronic medical record system called a success


WASHINGTON — The Defense Department’s newly modernized electronic health record system was recognized as successful after a week-long deployment at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington, officials there said Feb. 15, 2017.
Fairchild’s 92nd Medical Group became the first military hospital or clinic to use MHS GENESIS, a single, integrated electronic inpatient and outpatient health record that transforms health care delivery within DoD’s Military Health System, officials said.
Allows for Team Approach
MHS GENESIS enables a team approach in providing health services to patients, said Air Force Surgeon General Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Mark A. Ediger.
“In medicine today, we leverage a lot of different skill sets on a health care team,” he said. “[MHS GENESIS] goes well beyond the traditional doctor-patient interaction and leverages skill sets such as nutrition, exercise physiology and disease management. It’s a very collaborative tool that allows the team to share a common picture.”
Initial feedback from health care providers at Fairchild is positive, said Stacy Cummings, program executive officer of Defense Healthcare Management Systems.
Cutting-Edge Technology
The cutting-edge technology gives patients and health care providers a continuum of care and allows the Department of Veterans Affairs and private-sector health care partners the necessary data to collaborate and make the best possible health care decisions, Cummings said.
MHS GENESIS maintains electronic health record interoperability with VA medical facilities through the use of Joint Legacy Viewer, she noted. “We have integrated MHS GENESIS to be a tool that will continue to allow us to share data with VA and our commercial health care providers who are our partners,” she said.
The TRICARE military health system’s patient portal has been redesigned to allow for access to MHS GENESIS by patients and health care providers, officials said, adding that patient safety and the security of data is paramount in the new streamlined and intuitive system.
“We have a responsibility to provide the best possible user experience to our beneficiaries, and … we delivered on that responsibility,” Cummings said.
System To Expand Worldwide
In the next year, MHS GENESIS will deploy at three other military medical facilities in Washington state: Naval Hospital Bremerton in Bremerton; Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma and Naval Hospital Oak Harbor in Oak Harbor.
“Full deployment will be complete in 2022 across the nation and around the world for our facilities, medical treatment facilities and garrisons,” Cummings said. “We remain confident that MHS GENESIS will transform the delivery of health care and advanced data sharing through a modern electronic health record for service members, veterans and their families.”
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The future is now: MHS GENESIS launches in Pacific Northwest

(From left to right) Chief Master Sgt. Willard Armagost, 92nd Medical Group superintendent, Col. Meg Carey, 92nd MDG commander, Navy Vice Admiral Raquel Bono, Defense Health Agency director, and Lt. Gen. Mark Ediger, U.S. Air Force surgeon general, pose with a plaque in honor of the MHS Genesis "go-live" Feb. 15, 2017, at Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash. MHS Genesis is a Department of Defense wide initiative to move to an all digital, networked medical record system. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Ryan Lackey)
Patients and providers at Fairchild Air Force Base were the first to adopt MHS GENESIS as the new electronic health record
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MHS GENESIS deployed at Fairchild Air Force Base

Genesis Logo
A single integrated inpatient and outpatient electronic health record, MHS GENESIS transforms the delivery of healthcare for the Department of Defense and the Military Health System
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MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet
This fact sheet describes the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal that launches at Fairchild Air Force Base on February 7, 2017.
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MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions

This publication provides frequently asked questions and answers about the new MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.
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This postcard is for MHS GENESIS locations to download and print out for beneficiaries as introductory information.
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Program Executive Office, Defense Healthcare Management Systems Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet
This fact sheet provides an overview of the Program Executive Office, Defense Healthcare Management Systems (PEO DHMS) -- an acquisition organization that oversees three program management offices.
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MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Brochure

This brochure provides details about the MHS GENESIS patient portal and its key benefits.
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Defense Health Agency Year in Review

Defense Health Agency’s Director, Navy Vice Adm. Raquel Bono, visited the Medical Education and Training Campus at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, to see the training of the next generation of enlisted medical personnel earlier this fall.
As 2016 comes to an end, it is important to reflect on the goals, accomplishments and events that shaped DHA this year
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Fact Sheet
This fact sheet describes the Department of Defense’s (DoD) electronic health record, officially named MHS GENESIS. MHS GENESIS will establish seamless medical data sharing between the DoD, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the private sector.
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Nomadic nature of the military necessitates a health record just as mobile

(Left to right) Dr. Paul Cordts, the Military Health System’s functional champion in the development of MHS GENESIS, the military’s new electronic health record keeping system, Stacy Cummings, program executive officer for the Defense Healthcare Management Systems, and Army Col. Richard Wilson, a division chief in the Health Information Technology directorate at the Defense Health Agency, talk about the development and deployment of MHS GENESIS at AMSUS 2016 on Nov. 29, 2016.
Military Health System leaders discussed how the mobile nature of the military necessitated an electronic health record able to keep pace
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Collaboration is key to military health system

Army Brig. Gen. Ronald T. Stephens
Collaboration between the services improves access to care, removes unnecessary redundancies, reduces variation in care, and will ultimately improve patient experiences
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MHS GENESIS Trifold Brochure

This trifold brochure offers questions and answers about MHS GENESIS, the new electronic health record.
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MHS GENESIS Screensaver

Screensaver you can download and use locally to promote MHS GENESIS, the new electronic health record.
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Poster for MHS GENESIS, the new electronic health record.
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Military researchers making progress in medical simulation

A soldier applies a tourniquet to a simulated casualty during a training exercise. (Courtesy photo)
A recent research review highlighted several bright spots for the future of military medicine
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